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Vinyl Flooring Price Per Square Foot

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Vinyl Flooring Price Per Square Foot


Vinyl tile flooring is one of the most popular materials used for public spaces. Retail stores, hospitals, museums, libraries, showrooms, offices, and all types of commercial and government enterprises use vinyl tile because it’s cost-effective, durable, safe, and easy to maintain.


While vinyl tile is one of the least expensive flooring materials, recent advances in the technology used by manufacturers means that prices may vary considerably. Some companies produce tiles with added value due to the following:


  • Design possibilities
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Environmental aspects
  • Specialty applications

One important thing to remember when calculating cost is how long the flooring can be expected to last. Since vinyl tile lasts much longer than most other types of flooring, the replacement and repair or maintenance costs will be much lower. If you consider the comparative cost of vinyl tiles vs. other types of flooring over the course of the products’ lifetime, it’s easy to see that even top-of-the-line vinyl tiles are the most cost-effective choice.


Practical Considerations


Safety must always be a primary consideration when choosing flooring material for a public space, so be sure to compare and contrast the slip resistance of different types of vinyl tiles. Premium tiles often use a technique such as glass bead surfacing to enhance their safety.


Most builders are environmentally conscious and care about the eco-friendliness of the materials they use. Look for a supplier that uses recycled material in their products and that meets or exceeds standards for VOC emission.


Sometimes the best tile is one with specialty applications. If you are designing a space that combines carpet and hard surfaces, look into loose lay tiles. If your client is a healthcare organization, opt for special anti-microbial tiles that help to prevent the spread of infection.



Endless Creativity


Premium tile manufacturers are now able to print with full colour in high resolution on tile. This means that reproducing woodgrain and other natural materials is now easier and results in a super-realistic product. If you want the warm look of natural material without the price tag or the maintenance concerns, vinyl tile can mimic all types and shades of wood, as well as other natural materials such as stone, metal, shale, bamboo, and cork.


You can also create an illusion: make a dance floor look like the ocean on a sunny day, or recreate the company logo in the centre of the conference room. Fallen leaves could blanket the waiting room floor, or cumulus clouds could float in the blue sky of the floor of the school cafeteria. Some tile manufacturers have these creative patterns in tile ready to install or will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind completely original mural.


If you want the space to have a cool, contemporary feel, some manufacturers offer a variety of fun and modern tiles, including pink cow-patterned tiles, oversized orange fingerprints, and other pop-art inspired designs.


Of course, vinyl tiles are also available in a huge array of solid colours and can be purchased in various sizes and shapes. Create a geometric pattern using chevron tiles, planks, hexagons, squares, or parallelograms.


Vinyl tile is not only the most cost-effective choice, it’s also one of the most beautiful! Contact a premium vinyl tile manufacturer today and learn more about vinyl flooring price per square foot.


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